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StudentRadical wrote

For those who don't know, was /r/ShitRedditSays's attempt to create an alternative website to reddit, for mostly the same reasons that raddit was created.

Hardly. The situation of Reddit and politics at wide have evolved quite a bit, and the goal of the off-site project was always more on the social side, not to serve some positive political or normative goal. In the end the site came to being as we stopped planning and started doing. Outside of SRSDiscussion and SRSPrime, what SRS did was mostly provide alternative communities that moderated bigotry and trolling, in a way that mostly didn't take into account political views. In otherwords, it was being run more like a safespace rather than an actual activist space.

What went wrong with this website

few main reasons for the website's failure

There are two senses in which could be a failure. First, it was somehow ethically wrong or secondly it failed to live up to its goal. The former, which your complaint about 'liberalism' hints at, is yet to be demonstrated. The latter is false, though it would be nice if our ranks were doubled or tripled, but it's not like I care much.

I don't the rest of points are worth engaging with - yes the site is to a large degree about people having fun, we know each other pretty well (though does that really make a clique? I'd like to think we're a friendly bunch).