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GrimWillow wrote

Thanks! I'll try my best. I mostly wanted to to pick up on cleaning botspam and giving u/Tequilla_Wolf and u/Fossidarity a break. I'll try to hang out more often in the matrix meta chat if anyone wants to chat.

Anarchist Internet media outlets are extremely important, especially with the growing number and advancing sophistication of the honeypots used against us and the growth/spread of fascism across the platform. As someone who has been quietly following r/Anarchism for years, witnessed the fascists take down of LWSE, the brocializing of r/Anarchism, and the turbulent journey of Raddle, I have decided that I can step up in some capacity to give a hand. I hope that we can take this media ship to new heights across the ocean of piss (the internet). The capitalists have shown that they will support the fascists and will boot the Anarchists without much thought on their platforms. Places like this need to be protected, especially since it's still young.

I envision a future for this place as a bustling hub of Anarchist activity and news. I see more attacks on the site as it takes a larger place on the stage, but I also see new warriors to defend it. If we all contribute as much as we can, we keep sprinkling this seed with sunlight and water, and it will become a formidable force and safe space at the same time. When the fertilizer made from the exodus of larger communities gets dumped here, I hope to be ready for it.

Love y'all, and I hope that I don't disappoint.