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Pop wrote

I'm wondering why so few people responded to yesterday's post,
Who are your favorite contemporary Anarchist Theorists? What are some of the best Anarchist Books to come out of the last 10-20 years?

None of the bookchin people said anything (did bookchin or his people publish nothing recently?)

None of the transhumanists said anything...


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Sometimes I like to mull over the answer to more serious and thought provoking questions. Since post rate of this site is relatively slower than other aggregators, I have a tendency to revisit questions from the past, and sometimes even find new conversations. Only lately have I been lurking less, and I def want to get back to you on that one...


ziq wrote

btw, was it you that wanted more media sources added to the media wiki? I found a few, I'll add them shortly.


ziq wrote (edited )

I very nearly said 'me' but thought better of it. Was too busy yesterday to give a serious answer.


ziq wrote (edited )

The (anarcho) transhumanists didn't say anything because they don't really have any literature. Unless you count liberal-transhumanist lit which is completely at odds with their anarchy.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

anarcho-transhumanist lit is 2-3 essays each by william gillis, n1x, and Laboria Cuboniks. that's about it afaik.

I cant stand non-anarchist transhumainsts. At best they are musk-worshipping liberals or bitcoin-bros. at worst they're ancaps that like eugenics.


selver wrote

Starting 12 hour shifts at work next week. I'm pretty excited cause I'll have so many days off, since it's still just 40 hours a week.

I had been thinking about coding a free (as in freedom) Uber app, posted about it a week or two ago, but I looked into the laws around it and they are absolutely fucked. 20k/year here just to apply for a license.