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thelemotta wrote

Some of them just do not elaborate on the consequences of the limited platformism theory, but the fearsome majority of them are trapped in the Ideology. In such a way that they think, like we talk, be the true repository of Anarchism, talking about much of discipline and unity of praxis (not a bad thing if u do not take yourself to serious).

What led me to think anarchist was precisely non-anarchist philosophers and writers, Thoreau, for instance. What I can not stand is the policing they do, for example in 2013 in a big rally some especifistas begun to command some 'hooligans' (students and anarchopunks) to stop randomizing targets and focusing on show the population the struggle and lalala. Afterwards some people begun to throw rocks in a bus full of passengers demanding people to get off the bus to burn it, then some especifistas showed up to educate the 'hooligan mass'.