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BunnyBop wrote

Can you fucking not? This is a new user's thread, don't bring that shit here.


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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

I've been lurking on this site for over a year, I'm always seeing people give ziq shit, i'm sure there are legitimate criticisms as to the managing of the site or when a ban is justified or not, and i can see why people might disagree with him philosophically, but i've never ziq say anything reactionary.

It's also true that ziq, being (i believe) an admin and co-founder, is naturally going to be the target of both nazi trolls and tankie wreckers. Most of the criticism of ziq I see are vague and personal insults. The fact that there are so many open ziq haters who don't get banned says a lot.


gone wrote (edited )

ziq is a dear and it's loads of fun to read their stuff but they really can't talk to us newbies very much right now. This too shall pass.

ETA: if you click on a user's name you can learn more about them. The last I knew, ziq's preferred pronouns were they/their.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

I am also pro-ziq. Lots of good posts. Clearly cares about the success of Raddle. I don’t get the post left thing, but everyone on here has their particular point of view.


gone wrote (edited )

They have responded personally to threads I started and been very helpful and kind. I haven't been here long enough to have a valid opinion on any ongoing site issues and defend them to others so it would be a mistake to do so, but I like them and they have never given me any reason not to.


ziq wrote

Unless you're one of the handful of transhumanists and tankies I've butted heads with in the past, there's no reason you'd have a problem with me. Some people just hold a mean grudge when you insult their ideology.


gone wrote

Well, all I can do about that is say "I disagree" and objectively describe positive interactions. You've only shown me kindness while appropriately protecting your own community.

If you made any conscious changes about how to handle somewhat suspicious newbies right before I joined then keep up the good work.

I'll talk less in the future, I've just been confused and needed a safe place to vent and ask questions.


ziq wrote (edited )

gnu_ponut, shiningwing, 365degrees; whichever of you kids is throwing this unending tantrum: stop. You already have your own 'official raddle' matrix channel, so take your army of alts to your own site and stop coming here. No one cares about your faux outrage.