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DaisyDisaster wrote

From someone also struggling with this: it helps to build habits and attempt to break old ones.

To break old habits that sabotage your long term goals, it helps to make it harder to do those habits in the first place. Place an obstacle between you and that thing, or just something that makes you think about what you're doing.

When you break an old habit, replace it with a new one. There are habit building apps for this, but I find them useless because I ironically don't get into the habit of using them.

What I did was get two white boards. One showed the days of the week where I planned my week out as far as the daily or weekly habits I wanted to do so I could keep up with how often I did them on a weekly basis. The other white board was just a regular blank whiteboard. I divided it into three sections: not done, in process, done. I wrote chores and habits on sticky notes and put them in the appropriate place on the board. This method lasted longer for me than any app I used because it created a more immediate sense of satisfaction when I got things done and motivation to keep them up on a short term basis.


raindropq wrote

i think fulfillment of immediate desire would build onto the long-term purpose. how -do you find- are they separate or incompatible for you?