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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Long story short, I temporarily made a user called shiningwing a site-wide mod when the site was being spammed non stop by 8chan. I did it to thank her for making a much loved theme for the site.

The spam stopped. She banned someone from f/communism (might have been one of my accounts, I don't remember) for being against the Holodomor genocide, reason she gave was 'liberalism'. She then started telling everyone she was an admin when I made clear to her that she wasn't and the position was just temporary to deal with the spam. Realizing she was a tankie and the power was going to her head, I demodded her.

She announced she was leaving the site and asked that all her data be deleted. I complied. She asked I remove her themes from the site, so I did. At some point she was also made admin in the matrix, which can't be reversed. But she disappeared from raddle and the chat room so I didn't give it much thought.

Now months later, she came back into the channel and hijacked it to make all her vindictive friends admins so I wouldn't be able to put an end to the toxic drama that's had a grip on the channel for 3 months. So I cut the channel loose and made a new one. Her response was to also create a new raddle channel and appoint herself admin of it, while her minions keep editing our wiki to declare it raddle's official chat room.

It's not that interesting, just another attempted tankie power grab.