About that downtime

Submitted by emma in lobby

Remember the search engine Raddle's server cannot run because it eats too much RAM?

Turns out its Docker container has been running ever since we tested it, and despite being used for absolutely nothing, it's slowly been gobbling up all the free disk space. This caused PHP-FPM to crash, taking the site down.

(FYI, I was given server access again to upgrade Postmill, so I took the liberty of finding out why the site went down. Hope no one minds.)


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selver wrote (edited )

Thanks for the update.

Love the new filter buttons.


emma wrote

I stole the new button style from jstpst. They deserve the credit.


ziq wrote (edited )

I'm so glad I was fast asleep or I likely would have had a panic attack.


Cheeks wrote

Lol.. How many log files did you have to dig through to find that out?

Leaving unused containers running that gobble up resources on a box hosting raddle == bad praxis. Haha.

Thanks Emma!!!


emma wrote

None. I suspected it was a file system problem when PHP-FPM kept crashing. A quick df -h confirmed it.


Cheeks wrote

Nice troubleshooting... I would've buried myself in log files for 10-15 minutes before even thinking about df or du.