Submitted by ziq in lobby (edited )

Postmill has reached the point in its development where new features take emma countless hours to implement. I know it took her a lot of hard work to add the latest batch of features. The site looks a lot more streamlined, there's added functionality like post titles on the /comments page, quote styling, pagination on profile pages and there have been bug fixes; including the long-standing translation bug.

Also, sidebars for categories!

So please donate generously to emma's bitcoin if you can, to support further development:


Or add to the codebase if you know php:



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sudo wrote

It looks great! Good job, emma!


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Over the next little while hopefully we'll be able to put together some nice category sidebars. Anybody who's got thoughts here are very welcome to share them.


BigG wrote

If everyone donates just 1% of their monthly Soros Foundation grant, comrade emma will be able to afford that new jet she's had her eye on.

Always remember mutual aid, comrades!


BigG wrote

We can't expect her to reach her Greek island in that rusty old relic from 2012 that she's been flying around in. It's preposterous.


wooowdude wrote

Nah I prefer Zuck Foundation


ziq OP wrote

Comrade Zuck is making some great inroads. I hear he got some MSNBC interns new Teslas. Can't wait to hack the election and make him our new president.


wooowdude wrote

Great job /u/emma *really* proud of you!! <3

Now if only the server side of raddle maintainer (I imagine it's /u/ziq ?) could do these *almost* trivial changes to maximize performance and security:


emma wrote (edited )

I suspect pagespeed would break the site in more-or-less subtle ways. In particular, since it was built in the pre-HTTP/2 era, I believe it would combine or inline all the JS assets, and thus nullify the efforts I've taken to implementing efficient caching/cache busting. With preloading and parallel loading of assets, there isn't really much point in using it nowadays.

The other headers might be worth adding. I will look into those.