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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote (edited )

At first, I was afraid that this was one of those "Why won't you debate Nazis?" whines, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise. The response to the "Debate the Right" issue, is pretty simple: there's no point in debating someone who isn't the least bit interested in a debate and it's a waste of time and energy to do so. Focus on stopping the mothereffers and to the extent that you should reach out to the public at large, focus on those who, for whatever reason, remain in the middle.

The article, though, does have a point, regarding the Left. We have split into a wide variety of cliques and can't seem to honestly talk to each other. However satisfying it is to fling memes and one-liners at each other, it doesn't really do much to help all sides come to an understanding of each other.

All the different groups have different understandings/beliefs about the nature of the problem, but we can work together. We don't have to give up our different beliefs, but we can form alliances and work together, while still working on our own causes/beliefs. The Left could benefit from a loose Iroquois Confederacy-style alliance. The Iroquois Confederacy united many tribes to work together and protect each other from the White Man, but at the same time, each tribe maintained its own sovereignty and was able to make their own rulings regarding matters within their tribe.


ergdj5 wrote

If all we gotta do is call somebody an ultraleftist or a tankie or an athletic supporter of imperialism –OK, OK I borrowed that one from 1970s Amiri Baraka, 20 years before the internet, but you get the point – if all we gotta do is call names, draft a few devastating Facebook posts Twitter mic drops and walk away, precisely how do we imagine interested leftists, or even interested people who may not yet BE leftists will discern which if any of our strategic and tactical visions and practices are useful and which are not?


kore wrote

they should honestly have included memes