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365degrees wrote (edited )

Do you downvote anticiv try to get public sympathy and postleft memes blame victims because your privilege / virtuousness senses are tingling? your memes and other content really sucks and no one is interested in being harrased and name-called, even though it's apparently to change people's minds?


ziq wrote



ziq wrote (edited )

It's so great how you accuse me of harassing and namecalling you when it's exactly what you and your ilk do to anyone with solider politics than yourself.

No, unlike you and your comrades, my memes aren't personal attacks against specific people. They're critiques of ideology.

But keep crying victim whenever I make anticiv and postleft memes, it's a good look and pushes more and more people away from the spiteful moralizing groupthink rageculture that plagues the left..

One more thing,



365degrees wrote

We don't mind your ideology for the most part, we have problems with you instead. Your "memes" are atrocious and down right insulting.


ziq wrote (edited )

We don't mind your ideology



we have problems with you

always 'we' like you're a hive of shitty ideologues instead of just one.

oh, wait..

Your "memes" are atrocious and down right insulting.

insulting harmful ideologies with amazing memes = awesome. your reaction = fuel for 10 more amazing memes.