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indi wrote

This "spiritual bypassing" phenomenon sounds like just another way religious people are pressured to put themselves above "worldly" problems, accept suffering and misery, and focus instead on their spiritual well-being for the hereafter. Another very pernicious example of that in Christianity is forgiveness: Too many people are forced to accept horrible situations because it's seen as "Christ-like" to forgive transgressors - one tragically frequent example is rape victims pressured to forgive the people who raped them.

Not being religious, I can't offer any personal suggestions on how to improve things. Religious people have to figure out a way to balance their spiritual concerns and their "worldly" concerns. Theological pressures to downplay or ignore real-world suffering need to be identified, and rooted out.

I'm not Christian, but I'd say that if you looked at the social and personal injustices around you and asked "what would Jesus do", and your answer is anything but "get angry and get busy fixing things", you're not talking about the same Jesus I read about in the Bible.