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sudo wrote

the 4chan community (which has branched out to gab, minds, twitter and other chans would be going nuts if the feminine kek called KEKUIT was used against it and is their weakness according to where their lore has originated from. Think of kek/pepe <<< same thing as MGTOW vs (KEKUIT as FEMINISM.) The red frog -> KEKUIT is the FEMINIST MEME in the purest representation of memetics. the site gab is the green frog, raddle is the red frog, we'd be using their symbolism to speak their own language.

This is some Timecube level stuff.


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

You would be surprised at how effective it is to use someone's own methods against them. Just think of this meme using a sports team's mascot. Forget pepe for a bit and just see the red and green frog.

Raddle is a red frog. Logo the communist pepe. pepe is is based on kek "Egyption god of chaos". kekuit is the female form. I know it's supposed to be a snake but that would just irritate them.

I know raddle community would probably reject this idea but this will work. Their strength is memes therefore their weakness is memes. Beat them at memes, that will demoralize them and also spur a bit of motivation in understanding their tactics to learn them and use them, they work really well.

I have more but I don't want to be kicked. Response has been bad but people don't understand that the "TimeCube", the "WayBackMachine" is the source of their perceived power. They use emotional energy to get momentum and hijack movements. Just wait and see what happens with the #MeToo movement. They'll hijack that just at the right time.

Money is not their power, psychological warfare is and they very organized. MUCH more than you think and they have numbers both literally and figuratively. 4chan is where the kiddies play, wait until you see gab or minds