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Fossidarity wrote

The second answer has it partially right though: Insufficient initial capital (aka being born poor)


zombie_berkman wrote

I was born middle class and still dont have sufficient capital to invest. I contribute to my 401k the Max my company matches and still dont even have 1 year salary saved up. Also didn't real 1/2 way into the first post because I gave up


ziq wrote (edited )

I've been bartering for food for 2 weeks now while I wait on my paycheck. Fuck rich people make me sick.


bigballershotcaller wrote

Uh... my eyes hurt, my mind is exploding from all the nonsense....


moveslikealittle wrote

It's crazy isn't it?


3Z3k13L wrote

You are not alone man, it is disgusting. The only thing that comes to mind is that these assholes are riding the current viable worker role technology and so far they havent felt the injustice of the system.


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

Money is controlled by the banks and has no actual value. It's backed by oil hence being standardized by the petro-dollar. Every country except for 3 left now. North Korea, Iran and I forget the last have a central bank controlled by the World Bank, Goldman Sachs.

This was Trumps plan. Next he's going to loan money to North Korea through setting up a central bank controlled by the World bank in North Korea to take control of their decisions and use the people to make more junk to fill shelves in shops. Central Banks loan money out to banks at interest yet control the entire currency for each country---- Always in debt. Debt slavery.

The whole idea is that you need poor people to struggle and have no choice but to make stuff for the rich people. You can't have rich people without poor people unless you have robots or something. And when you have automation doing labour tasks then it's about who controls the resources. <<< Time for eugenics after that.