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AbbraKaDabbra wrote

That's a great article. one thing I would say is that to see power as just a dominating force without merit would be omitting one part of the sophistication in how the tyranny of the west.

Where I think maybe a blind spot for everyone would be is that every society, political, economic system has an element of tyranny in it and it's almost impossible to shake, we can only become more fair as we advance a society, or we can slide backwards.

Power is not only measured by force or money or being able to dominate. Power is also the ability to be able to influence and probably the most important, competency. We can see by the ability to code and run a website that the creators of raddle need to be competent and know how to create an environment where we can gather our thought and communicate openly.

What I'm saying is that to battle fascism we need to be competent in identifying REAL fascists and stop diluting words like Nazi and Fascist. They have lost their edge and thanks to the propaganda media fascism is now acceptable.

Fascism in the case of Nazi Germany was a National Socialist society that used a fiat based credit system to print money and use this to trick the population into slave labour that led to the deaths of 10's of millions of people.

Bolshevist Russia was a Partial Communist dictatorship with no checks and balances placed of Stalin which led to 10's of millions of people as well. Communism could work if there was an un-hackable vote at the end of term on whether the leader got to live in comfort the rest of their days or face a firing squad for being an asshole.

Then also a vote on choosing what to do with state resources. Sounds harsh but if you want the reigns, don't screw the people over other-wise; would you like a blind fold?