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md_ wrote

...or not. Not having shitposts is also good.


amongstclouds wrote

Yeah, gotta agree. We have enough trolls and witch hunt type of people that we don't need to encourage more... unless we shitpost those folks!


succtales_backup wrote

| | /

| | | _

Are you happy now?


365degrees wrote (edited )

No, no, no.

The second line in the second panel has to be smaller, like I i. It's sitting down.

I    I i

I I  I _

sudo wrote

A shitpost means a bottom-of-the-barrel-quality meme, or other attempt at humour. I don't want to see low-quality memes, I want to see ones that are actually funny. It's difficult to intentionally create a joke that's so bad it's good, and they end up just being bad, more often than not. If we want more "memes", at least try to make them actually funny.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't think I'm so good at those.

Be the change you want to see!


3Z3k13L wrote

I am on it tasty dish. My favorite is with shrimp.