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sudo wrote

Would anyone want to play a libre tower defense game? I've got an itch to program, and that sounds like something fun to make. I want to make it like Bloons, but not a direct ripoff.


mofongo wrote

This month I forgot to save money for rent, I spent it on food and a few modest nights out to celebrate my wive's birthday. Even after my full payday, I will be missing a fourth of the rent. Oh, and I'm out of food.


selver wrote (edited )

I'm thinking about getting a pet. I'm thinking either a gecko or a rat. I live in a small place, so I want something quiet, relatively odorless, and simple.

Anyone know how cheap it is to make your own stickers? I've got a little propaganda idea in mind.


zombie_berkman wrote (edited )

My work thinks im working 13 change weekends in a row lol. Spoiler: they think I am but im not


fuck_tequila wrote

Tequila_Wolf is a cuntbag that can't take criticism and fails to understand how fucking wrong she is.

No part of this phrase violates the ToS. :)