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DokiDokiLove wrote

Lol, you can be racist to anyone of any race.

To link it to some pyramid of perceived power is so stupid. For one, there is no racial power pyramid. For two, what happens in the middle of your "can't be racist pyramid of power?"

Let's say for arguments sake, it's White





So by your measure, Slavs cannot be racist towards Japanese or Brazilians.

And how do you sort the 'black' races in this pyramid? (Note plural)

It makes no sense. Racism is racism and it's ugly.

And just in case you get confused, feel free to tell me where the Jewish race sits in your power pyramid.

Is a Japanese Nazi, calling for Jewish genocide, not racist now?

If a white Nazi, perceives the Jew's to have power over him (which they often do), then by your logic, his hatred and bigotry towards the Jewish race, is not racism.