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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Looking forward to testing it out! I posted a random test problem :)


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

A few thoughts re features/bugs if anybody thinks they are worthwhile:

Potential solutions to the (likely?) problem of many defunct users preventing proposals moving to phase 2:

  • Have option to prune defunct users from union.
  • Have option for users to leave unions.
  • Do not include users that have not logged in in X days in the total needed voters to move to phase 2 (X can be set per union ideally, and ideally by a konsent-vote).

Re external discussion:

  • Arrange a webhook/bot situation so that new issues posted to Konsent start an automatic discussion thread for that issue - will also help to notify users that the issue even exists without having to check Konsent directly.
  • For raddle posts in external discussion section, automatically add both onion and clearinet version when adding one?

Nice potential feature:

  • Allow people to fill in potential solutions for phase 2 even before it reaches quorum, have a separate section at the bottom in phase two for those options that have not yet reached quorum.

The problem of being qualified to vote:

  • For example usernames on raddle must be 30 days old and have 20 posts or something before they can vote. But people can join konsent even if they have not fulfilled these conditions, and could tip a vote. In the phase 3 stage when you are looking at the final solution, it would likely help to see or have an option to see who voted for that solution. Really I think it would be helpful to see also how many votes it got and how many votes the other solutions got, instead of just the one.


  • It might be worthwhile to think about how to deal with people who want to veto the whole process, who will have to wait until people have gone to the effort of setting up and discussing and voting and arriving at a solution only to be vetoed by the person who was going to veto it from the issue's inception.

Pop wrote (edited )

some more:

allow users to have bios, useful for showing usernames on other platforms in case they are not congruent

allow users to change their username

allow for three letter usernames

prevent duplicate solutions proposed in phase 2


dele_ted OP wrote

Profile management and bios are really good ideas, I'll get that done as soon as i can.

Sorry about the four letter requirement, some of these numbers are just completely random as we have no idea what'll work and what won't (same goes for the minimum resting time and required votes in phase 1).


Pop wrote


that's ok

one more thing would be helpful is in the phase one section where it lists how many votes a topic has, to show how many more it needs to move to phase 2

or maybe at the top of the page just show the current threshold.


dele_ted OP wrote

That's a lot of good ideas, I've added most of your suggestions to github, will include them in the next release if we can. Hopefully, if we manage to get most of what's been suggested here into 0.4b, Konsent will pretty much be ready for actual use. I'll also try to clean up the UI a bit.