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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I suspect you're only saying this because you are not the person people are engaging to help resolve issues, nor are you the person in a position of maintaining the site and the relations that maintain the site. It's a lot of work and the cracks are clear.

If you think you would be unreliable with timing, you would still possibly be better than no moderator at all, which is the status of many forums. And you could still help others who are overextended in moderation, by co-moderating.

Most forums should have many moderators. I think that insofar as we are limited to this software, it might even be desirable for all regulars in any forum to be moderators - that 'moderator' just means someone in the space. As has been the case in f/meta_ and f/readinggroup. At least for those groups with a preference for nonhierarchical relations.