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DissidentRage wrote

I still feel like there has been a toxic obsession with Raddle dying. I feel like as long as people keep mentioning "oh my god THE BETRAYAL" it's feeding into a vicious cycle that doesn't allow anyone to work through shit and move on. u/ziq apologized and stepped away. We had fun with it in f/meta_. Then some of us asked if they could come back in a stripped-down capacity. I thought this was a step in the right direction. Apparently this wasn't enough.

Now I'm reading they've done some of that stuff again. I admit I haven't been paying attention because I come here for the content and relevant discussion rather than the personalities. That said, it's not cool but IMO if this is something that can break the site then our endearment to the site is more fragile than we're willing to let on.

Honestly if I felt like I could be reliable enough in the time aspect I would offer to help pick up the slack of moderating to kick out spam and trolls, because I think everyone emotionally involved in all of this needs to take a break. This is obviously stressing people out and this being a near-daily subject of discussion with little positive movement is preventing people from getting mentally away from it.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I suspect you're only saying this because you are not the person people are engaging to help resolve issues, nor are you the person in a position of maintaining the site and the relations that maintain the site. It's a lot of work and the cracks are clear.

If you think you would be unreliable with timing, you would still possibly be better than no moderator at all, which is the status of many forums. And you could still help others who are overextended in moderation, by co-moderating.

Most forums should have many moderators. I think that insofar as we are limited to this software, it might even be desirable for all regulars in any forum to be moderators - that 'moderator' just means someone in the space. As has been the case in f/meta_ and f/readinggroup. At least for those groups with a preference for nonhierarchical relations.