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md_ wrote

To be completely honest, I can't even follow the developments any more. I feel so much hinges on raddle's pre-history (going even back to reddit?), and on communications that happen outside Raddle forums. I don't know if the problem is the way policies are enacted (something that Konsent could solve indeed). If any policy aspect is part of the reason Raddle isn't doing so well, it's probably that many of us (including me recently), have a tendency to over-regulate. But yeah, I don't think the voting and policy making are the main issues.

This uncertainty does often make me feel like I should jump ship before I get to attached to this website. But I don't want Raddle to vanish either, especially now that there's no way I am going back to Reddit after their new policies. So for the foreseeable future, I don't think I will stop participating.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I feel like this too. I always feel out of the loop about who hates who, or who did what. I really enjoy the space and feel a lot more comfortable overall in it than in a lot of others, but there's little sense of community to me. I understand that my feelings are as much if not more rooted in my efforts to hold myself totally individual to the whole for self-accountability's sake, but I haven't really felt any reason to fully invest either. I'll probably participate at the level I've been doing still, but I want to focus a lot more on actual action and bonds with 'real' people (as in, people I can speak to face to face) and break my seclusion a bit more in meatspace. I'd really just like everyone to get along with eachother on a basic level, I don't care where it is.


Fossidarity wrote

I feel the same thing about being out of the loop too, but honestly I think that most people on Raddle don't care or aren't directly involved in the drama, it's just that the ones who are tend to be quite vocal about it.


ChaosRocket wrote

Yeah I have no clue what any of this drama is about, I just want a social site with other leftists where I can read and discuss leftist content.


radmenacer wrote

There are bitter feuds here that go back years. We'll never get a complete picture or be able to see the context behind these interpersonal relationships because of that. It's why everyone on forums should be anonymous. Being labelled with usernames that allow people to build up negative emotions against users they don't see eye to eye with is a clear disaster.