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amongstclouds wrote (edited )

I can't leave... but I also can't let these people continue to be shitbags.

I don't care about the cliques and groups that form because tbh I usually feel alienated from most of them as very few seem to share my views.

But there is indeed a reactionary front on Raddle. We're seeing people suddenly try using mental illness as an argumentative tool while trying to pretend they're radicool. They have to constantly remind us how leftwing they are because they're not too sure the extent of it themslves -- or they do know and they just enjoy fanning the flames.

It's been growing for a while and I'm almost certain that left wing moralism is the problem. A hive mind of sorts creates this right/wrong dichotomy and it's up to the Left to dominate it and shame all others who might not totally agree or necessarily be informed. They want power. They want to feel above others and so they go for the lowest points here on Raddle like throwing blind insults of things they don't understand, demonize the neurodivergent, and pretty much seek to recreate the world we already reside in.

I really just want to leave but I would feel so bad. I cannot let people like this just get away with this weird witch hunt groupthink shenanigans. I want to destroy that which seeks to destroy me and what I love. ❤


radmenacer wrote (edited )

I hope the mature users stick around and the users that just come here to fling shit and gloat about their internet war victories leave and start their own community.


mofongo wrote

I love your entusiasm, but you and the other cliques and groups need to remember is that raddle it's ultimately just a website. This is for everyone, for your sake, don't take it too seriously.

It's just a website, it was never alive to declare it dead.

It's the people that come here that made this place cool and unique. Take a brake from all this of you wish, I hope to see you all again and listen to what you have to say and see what you have to share.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

I am well aware of what Raddle is and I am well aware of my actions.

I never understood the logic behind 'it's just the internet,' as it reminds me of the people who claim to be 'non-political' while ignoring the fact that all social interaction is exactly so.

So before you try and judge what is best for me and my sake ask yourself if it's even possible for you to understand anything I am thinking and feeling.

Not to accuse you of this, but by approaching me this way you are assuming I must need to 'calm down' or 'seek help' as others have been throwing around. This is such a cheap shot and goes against much of what this place was supposed to be AVOIDING.