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sudo wrote

Here are the remaining problems, as I see them:


This is really just a problem between a few users, but since the userbase is so small, it takes up a significant percentage of the discussion on the website. I don't think the solution is to force people to work out their differences, because some people will always disagree with each other. Rather, I think we should try to increase the number of users of the site, so that there will be more legitimate discussion, meaning less of the comment "real estate" will be occupied by personal arguments.

The Keys to the Kingdom

Earlier, I said that I would be fine with Ziq continuing to manage the site's hosting. However, given their recent behaviour, I have changed my mind. I'm not confident that they are mentally stable enough to be trusted with the welfare of the entire website. I fear that one day they may take someone's criticisms against them too personally, and decide to take down the entire website out of spite (and, I hope that this sentence does not become a self-fulfilling prophecy). If that happened, a large percentage of the userbase would be scattered, since many of us do not have any way of contacting other Raddle users, besides this website. So, I think it would be prudent to find a new, trustworthy person to host Raddle, and migrate the existing posts, comments, and user data to another instance of Postmill on a server in their care.


We need more administrators to pick up the workload of the ones who have left. I would volunteer myself to become an administrator, but sadly I don't qualify. Ideally, an administrator would be someone who can devote a couple of hours per day to ban trolls, and to do other administrative work. Furthermore, while they don't necessarily have to be uninvolved in any disputes, they should try to remain as objective as possible in deciding whether to ban users or not. (Also, I think we should revisit the idea of not allowing people in the "five eyes" countries to become admins - I don't think administrators have access to enough personally identifying information on users to warrant such a measure.)

Irreconcilable Ideological Differences

Lastly, I want to say that I have forseen a split in this site's userbase coming for a while now, though I didn't think it would take this form. Personally, I believe the political views of anarchists and communists are far enough apart that they will not be able to get along peacefully, at least not for very long. So, I think we should make one version of Raddle for anarchists, and one version for communists (hopefully, I am not the only communist that is still here). It would be better to separate on neutral terms, than on hostile ones. If we did this, each group of people would be able to go about their business with far less disagreement.

What are your thoughts?


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Re Irreconcilable Ideological Differences, personally I like that people like you are around sudo and I think you bring a lot to the space despite how for example I disagree with you on many major points. There's productive disagreement often especially where people are not taking things personally to the point of attacking one another.


jadedctrl wrote

To the last point­— I think having two versions of Raddles is just ridiculous, and would unnecessarily split up our community. The Communist version probably wouldn't last long anyway, since the Anarchist-to-Communist ratio's pretty high.
I think that we can definitely get along peacefully. We've been doing pretty good, other than the whole “Transhumanist v Primitivist“ false drama. And when it comes to Anarchists and Communists clashing… that was almost entirely ziq fanning the flames, anyway.