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____deleted____ wrote

I'll be honest; it seems Raddle is in a death spiral and I can't imagine a solution. As such, I'll be asking here if anyone knows any other reddit alternatives that ain't voat?


mofongo wrote

Raddle it's a cool place, it would need people like you.


____deleted____ wrote (edited )

I'd love to stick by Raddle, but it appears to me that its just on an inevitable decline; I'll likely stick for a while, but I don't see a solution as both the dev and the host have valid reasons to hate being on this site, and even half the staff has just given up in light of this mess.

And not only staff are running into issues; this is causing issues for me due to ongoing manipulation making it difficult to justify using this site. I don't think there's a solution so long as its run by emma and ziq- but other devs have let down according to emma and I myself have no programming skills, and ziq has offered to let others host but it was turned down.

Yet, despite the site relying on these two (though, one of them has also clearly fucked up quite a good few times and whether or not the treatment of them was valid is another debate), it has driven them off not just once, leaving the site and its community in jeopardy. There doesn't seem to be a solution I could imagine.