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bel793 wrote (edited )

I imagine this Free Talk as a large room with a few tables and some 10 people sitting all over the place, awkwardly glaring at each other.


[deleted] wrote


ArbitraryHuman wrote


Family reunions for me tend to follow this format—

Mom: (out of nowhere) Obama was a better president

Grandfather: no, reagan was

(massive argument ensues while I sit glowering in a corner and muttering about bourgeois democracy)


surreal wrote

my family stopped saying shit like that in front me cause they can't stand my fact based propaganda and how easily i can make them look stupid. They feel kinda ashamed when i'm around which is fun fun fun.


Fossidarity admin wrote

I'm a Raddle admin now! I hope I can make Raddle a better place and help it heal. :)


snuggus wrote

Kinda low-key panicking about Raddle going away...where else would I go? I hate reddit and would never touch voat...


revolt wrote

So don't leave. Just let the people who can't stop working themselves up into a frenzy over useless drama leave. The community will be a lot better for it.


snuggus wrote

I don't plan on it. But I fear one day I will wake up and check raddle only to find it gone. I'll stick it out to the end, I just hope that end doesn't come as soon as I fear.


Franz_trashka wrote

When other sites pop up trying to get us to go there, just keep them bookmarked so you can see where the community goes. This isn't the first time a forum has been on shaky legs and won't be the last.


GaldraChevaliere wrote (edited )

I'm going on that trip tomorrow. Three out of five partners got injured in the lead-up and are unable to attend, leaving me with the 'bodyguard' my sister appointed. I don't know him very well, but he seems nice and I trust her judgement. I hope I can still handle this. I think after it's done, I want to cross the ocean and see what lies east.

Also, uh, sorry if I've been especially aggressive or confrontational lately. I've been intensely stressed out and if it feels like I've taken it out on any of you, I apologize.


dele_ted wrote

What trip? I assume you posted about it somewhere, must have overlooked it.


Franz_trashka wrote

Finally got on reasonable ground with my roommate\ex-SO this week. They're going through some gender issues rn, and are finally starting to feel comfortable not existing in the binary. I hate the fact that I don't know how it makes them feel so I have limits on how I'm able to walk them through the emotions... BUT PROGRESS IS FUCKING HAPPENING