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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

It was confirmed as ziq, he was just trolling as usual.

I missed the confirmation, where was it? ;`:

we probably need to find an alternative since he still owns everything.

I guess a new domain and host (non-US/UK) are in order, TBH…
any respected & good community member up to the task?


leftous wrote

Tequila called them out for it.

I'm not sure who would be willing. :/


dele_ted wrote

I thought ziq offered the domain to the administrators recently, but noone would take it? Maybe he'd still be willing to give it away, so we don't have to buy new domains and rebase everything.


leftous wrote

No one was willing to take it on, and seems like he's overly bitter at this point


dele_ted wrote

Why not? I know I'm not a moderator, and T_W doesn't like me, but if there's no one else then I might be able to find some cash and extra time to host and maintain. I really wouldn't like it since that would mean i couldn't pay for hosting Konsent, though, but I'd rather have that than see Raddle go down thanks to ziq and their bullshit.

Ziq's bitterness might be a good good thing too, because it uncovers all their puppets. They're just jumping from alt to alt, stirring up shit and then deleting it.


leftous wrote

Not sure what's going on, and I'm really sick of the bullshit going on here.

I would be willing to help with funds, my only problem is having my ID attached to anything since things are getting pretty surveillance state-ish where I live. Might make sense to regroup on reddit or mastadon, then figure something out, I guess.