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It's good to be back. First, I'm happy about the messages some people left on my last post. I had to move my attention to local problems and connect with anarchists nearby. I made a lot of new friends from my country who share the same ideas. This made me feel better, stronger.

It's been a month, and still no one knows who killed Marielle Franco. But we have all the reasons to suspect it was orchestrated by local militias composed of former cops and military. After all, she was one huge voice speaking against police brutality and military intervention in Rio.

As you probably have heard, our ex-president 'Lula' was arrested. For a number of reasons, we believe it is part of a right-wing effort to win the elections and push their agenda, while raising the chances of implementing a new military dictatorship. And many believe the accusations against the ex-president were not conclusive. Right now, the most popular presidential candidate is a man just like Donald Dump, using controversy like "I will ban immigrants and stop funding non-profits and allow anyone to own a gun!" instead of the usual "I promise to end hunger and etc etc." so people will fall for that kind of talk. Déjà vú! It's worth mentioning that he is currently being charged because of his racist remarks and a recent threat against a journalist. We'll see if the law really applies to everyone...

Some time ago I made a post about who to vote for if there are no decent choices. Well, there are leftist candidates that talk about the rise of fascism, that promote rights for LGBTQ+ and black people. They were close friends of Marielle. I wasn't really paying much attention to Brazilian politics until recently.

I have been learning graffiti, making stencils and going out to leave some nice political messages on the walls of my small rural town. Can you believe they are installing dozens of surveillance cameras here? It's a very small town, for fucks sake! Now the police keeps an eye on us 24/7. The initiative was funded by the local companies.

So... it just keeps getting worse.

That's it. Let's do our best, folks.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Welcome back! A lovely update. Looking forward to hearing more about your things!



leftous wrote

Welcome back Neo!

Now the police keeps an eye on us 24/7. The initiative was funded by the local companies.

That's some creepy shit. Who would have thought that capitaism and state surveillance go hand in hand.


dele_ted wrote

Welcome back, thanks for the update. Good to hear of some real radical resistance in practice.

You should share some of your graffiti here! I'm planning to start learning too when i come home next week.


NEOalquimista OP wrote

I plan to take photos of them on the street. But let me show you my current project as I prepare it at home: That's Marielle Franco, the human rights defender killed by militia in Rio a month ago. She became the face of the Brazilian antifascist movement. So I plan to spread her face all around the city with that message that translates to "I'd rather die standing than to live on my knees". I use pink for her image, blue for the message. Wish me luck (: By the way, good job with Konsent so far.


dele_ted wrote

That's a solid choice, i like the print too. Good luck with it, don't get caught by CCTV. - And thanks!