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dele_ted wrote (edited )

Oh, fuck off! Stop discriminating against either, please. Saying all straight people is bland and boring is just as inconsiderate and generalizing as saying that all gay people are annoying. Just let people be themselves for gods sake.


emma wrote

Shedding tears for all the heterosexuals who get disowned by their families, become homeless, face violence, and are tortured in straight conversion camps, all fuelled by the heterophobic culture gay people perpetuate through their bad jokes.


Tequila_Wolf moderator wrote (edited )

You... are kidding right? Or... what? You think straight people are oppressed in their straightness? Why on earth do you think this is about inconsiderate generalisations?

I'm stunned and incredulous! I would straightforwardly forum ban you (since I'm a mod here, PS this forum needs mods) Forum ban for two weeks as soon as I figure it out, if you want to explain yourself you can do it in f/mediation.

Edit: Link to mediation thread.


Dumai wrote

if you're trying to prove straight people aren't boring you're not doing a good job of it


dele_ted wrote

Read my reply here.

Really didn't expect attacks on my personality from this community...


Dumai wrote

i mean you basically called any queer person who jokes about straight people a bigot so i guess we are now even