It's time to stop.

Submitted by UnbanTwin in lobby

Over the last 24 hours, there has been an increase in posts requesting the deletion of Raddle and generally spreading shit about Ziq.

I may not be a big fan of Ziq, but I see no reason to believe that, even after apologising and stepping down as admin, they would continue using their alts to control the site. This behaviour is unnecessary and harmful, it has to stop.

As for the request to delete Raddle, even if it is compromised by Ziq's alts, a theory, that as I stated earlier, I think is a load of bullshit, that's no reason to delete Raddle. If anything it's a reason for more people to help out with the development of /f/konsent. It's a ridiculous request, all it will accomplish is stifling the active community here, and destroy the best site available for talking about left-wing politics.

Ultimately, your movement is small, and it will result in nothing but annoyance.

It's time to stop.


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sudo wrote

I think the ones making those requests are trolls.


DissidentRage wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if they're reactionaries who found the latest pressure point to divide the user base even further.


Dumai wrote

how's that gonna work though? anybody who wants to see the site deleted probably has either stopped coming here by now or isn't gonna be here much longer


dele_ted wrote

Exactly! I really hope to see Raddle cool down soon, enough of this drama.