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ziq wrote (edited )

I really do apologize to ShiningWing, for being nice to your face, and then passive aggressively saying what I really felt about your actions with the alt. It was a horrible thing to do to you, and I take full responsibility for it, but you have to own up to your own part in what unfolded too. You know you were never meant to be an official admin, and I didn't manipulate any vote to remove you. You were never meant to keep those privileges for as long as you did - but taking them from you when you were having such a hard time seemed cruel; so I kept putting it off.


throwaway3295634 wrote

Uh, so there's multiple things I could respond to here, but... why wasn't your first response just to talk to me about it? Why was your first response to use an alt that's personally attacked me in the past to start a vote to force me out of the role without my input? What's the more cruel action here?


ziq wrote

You know why. Every time I tried to talk to you, you told me you were suicidal.

There was no vote, you were never appointed an admin.

I'm too old for this shit.