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Franz_trashka wrote (edited )

Just so I don't step on toes, would the general consensus on raddit be that offering respectful alternatives to suicide be cool? I fully understand and accept the feeling of some folks on that sub, but I got that whole looking out for my fellow peeps with brain chemical issues thing going.

Edit: Word, so if by chance the move happens, this has been edited before it's been decided that I can't proactively help; that if anyone thinking of suicide needs to talk to some rando online, feel free to message me. No guarantees I'll reply quickly, but I'm here to listen to the best of my ability and advise if you'd like my input.


ziq wrote

It would be up to that community if they allow that or not.


DaisyDisaster wrote

I don't think they allowed it in the original sub so I don't think they would be open to it now. Depends on who comes over though.


nineisbrine wrote

I wasn't one of the original mods, but AFAIK the only reason method discussion wasn't allowed is because of the Reddit admins. If the admins here are okay with it then I won't be banning it.