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_ziq_ wrote (edited )

Gonna get raddle's f/COMPLETEANARCHY forum to be a viable alternative to reddit's one. That's my project for the weekend.


leftous wrote

It's a real good Friday. Anyone else get the day off?

Also is anyone doing anything for Easter weekend?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I've had a intense last week so I'm going to try to take it as easy as possible this weekend. Hopefully will still get some reading done, I'm currently reading The Wretched of the Earth and The Left Hand of Darkness.

Which makes me think I want to set up a bot in f/books or f/zines_and_publications to ask people what they've been reading.


UnbanTwin wrote

The Left Hand of Darkness is such a fantastic book, I love it with all my heart. Make sure to have a box of tissues near by. The feels hit you when you least expect them.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

ContraPoints's video coming out tomorrow is going to have a tankie character.


Pop wrote

I'm so sleepy

did the season change for everybody else this week? whole new weather over here


selver wrote

Been getting lots of days off work cause it's been slow lately, I fucking love it.

Finally coming out of that winter-induced lethargic mild depression now that I can run outside again.


raindropq wrote

Peace, be with your spirit. we lift-up our hearts in grace, always.

i'm going to camp-out for a few days and not working next week. adventure !