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Pop wrote

I wonder if there are libre software versions of


UnbanTwin wrote

I'm sure there is, I'll take a look! though is certainly the best one, though it is proprietary.


sand wrote

syncplay and come to mind

idk if cytube is veritably libre. i don't really understand license stuff very well. here's the cytube github, license at the bottom. also dunno how it'd work for people who only use tor browser

also there's the issue of media providers for cytube, but they have a pretty big list, including direct links to specific types of video files (coin shred might be able to host? dunno if it handles video files)

syncplay looks like it'd be good, but it doesn't seem to have an easy means proxying through tor, and that might also slow it down more than it would cytube, especially with multiple people on the syncplay server... although i don't really know what i'm talking about tbh

i probably also don't know about some other decent options