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Cosmicsloth42 wrote

I've been on Raddle for a few months as well, and I love it. I do have to agree though, I feel like a lot of link dumping on this site and not a ton of engagement between users. Sure we see a few back and fourths on AskRaddle or Anarchism, but it does have the feeling that a lot of the Forums are fairly dead. And most of the back and fourths we do see are short comments, maybe one reply chains at most. I think some community interaction would help, as you suggested. But I am worried that without some more go between on the forums Raddle is going to continue to feel like a lose collective of radicals. Maybe we should look for some more direct ways to encourage more discussion? Unfortunately I do not really know.

Either way though I am excited to see how /f/readingclub turns our as /u/pops said. And hopefully in the near future we can see some even bigger community engagement things start popping up.