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red_pepper wrote

Reminder that we have chat


sand wrote

is there a guide for people trying to connect strictly through tor/TBB without deanonymizing? seems impossible to register/use without enabling javascript for a google captcha or something iirc


braketheboxes wrote (edited )

you can use matrix with weechat and weechat can be routed through tor.

Riot can be routed through orbot on android but I don't know if the app leaks any identifying information.


sand wrote

thank you! i'll look into weechat. if that works then it's just registering that's the issue, but maybe those "console web" or "vector" clients linked on the weechat page can get it done


braketheboxes wrote

No problem. If you have to register through the web app with js you can use tails so the OS is running in ram and the disk is not mounted.


Pop wrote (edited )

I've used it with tor before without having to enable anything

Edit: I tried it again and couldn't get past the capcha, must've did it differently last time


boringskip wrote

recaptcha should work without javascript, i've done it before. maybe it's a setting?