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hi everyone,

I have been delaying this for a while, but pretty much I think having a reading club for leftist literature would be very helpful in motivating me and others to read more. I would imagine this would work through a forum like /f/reading or /f/readingclub, and it'd be up to us to decide collectively what we wanna read each week.

some things to consider:

  • there is a disparity between how well read people are so i imagine that we would want to have a rotation between important foundational texts and more nuanced and contemporary works (i.e. consulting a whole variety of works to intrest everyone)
  • some books are very long, it is suggested that zine-sized stuff wold be best if read weekly, consider that: the communist manifesto would take 40 minutes, The Conquest of Bread would take 3 hours, desert would take 1h30, etc.
  • the books/papers should be avaliable easily online, e.g. through theanarchistlibrary or marxists.org, and preferably have audiobooks attached (except this is limited to big foundational texts)


  • what books/papers do you want to read?
  • what should the rotation time be like? 1 week? Dynamic based on the book?
  • how long is too long?
  • is this a good idea?


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leftous wrote (edited )

Great idea!

For books, I think we should make a point to look at some non-eurocentric perspectives (Parsons, Rodney, Mbah, etc.)

A dynamic rotation where sometimes there is part by part/chapter by chapter makes sense e.g. it can be weekly, but a few chapters at a time

It might also be a good idea to rotate a discussion facilitator for each text. Just someone who will post some questions readers can bounce off to generate discussion, and hold people accountable for reading it.


nijntje wrote

>It might also be a good idea to rotate a discussion facilitator for each text

The way I've seen this done elsewhere is to have some system where books are suggested by people, one is chosen by everyone, and then whoever suggested the chosen book comes up with a few discussion points (since they'd likely care about it a bunch or have read it already)


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think it's a good idea! Worth a try, and if it doesn't work out then at least we'll have tried. I won't always be able to do it but I will try to keep up.

I think dynamic rotation is probably best, but we can aim for a week in general?

There are quite a few zines in f/zines_and_publications that are good. I would recommend we start with zines from here, which all have audio versions.

so far as how long is too long, I think initially things should be kept very short and then when the group gains momentum it can move to bigger things if it likes?

f/readinggroup / f/readingclub sounds good, you should make it! :)


selver wrote (edited )

I'd be interested, depending on what people want to read.

Weekly discussion would be good, we can always split the book/essay up over a couple weeks if need be. I think for the first couple we should do fairly short readings, I've seen far too many of these attempts fizzle out real quick from lack of commitment. Do some short ones, see if we can get enough people to stick with it. Unless there's something a bit longer that people seem really into I guess.


Catgirl_Engels wrote (edited )

I could do a reading club, def. We could do mini essays and stuff while we have over arching, long books.


sand wrote

  • post-left stuff ! ! ! ! ! all of it forever
  • probably dynamic but either 1 week or 2, just so the first day of discussion remains constant. 1 week for the first few and shorter pieces to get it rolling, i think
  • 3 weeks is probably too long?
  • yes!

also maybe have a proposals thread for the next week's books on the same day as the current week's book, so people can use the whole week to propose and vote (probably a comment system instead of upvote, so only reading club people and maybe potential reading club people can determine the next book)? or maybe use that /f/konsent thing? if it's ready, idk anything about it. could be a good first place on raddle to try it


4t0m wrote

I think Ishmael and My Ishmael are pretty good easy reads.

And reading clubs are never not a good idea.


buzz wrote

come join /f/readingclub ! However in regards to Ishamael I am not sure about the consenous on length, 266 pages seems a bit thick for reading weekly/biweekly


buzz wrote

by POPULAR DEMAND i have made the /f/readingclub subraddle, come join me over there for more conversation and suggestions