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DaisyDisaster wrote

What would be anti-diversity is letting bigots air their opinions, that's why we're strict. Such a tolerance for bullshit would signal to POC, trans people, women, ect that they are unsafe here and that we have no regard for their voices. We'd rather they feel safe than someone get to freely spout bigoted, wrong beliefs.


nuvpr wrote

diversity is okay as long as it's selective diversity of a certain defined selection of beliefs

And here we go again!

If I told you I was part of these groups and your beliefs (regardless of what they are, or whether they're affecting me or not) make me feel unsafe, would you ban yourself? What about if I was not part of these groups? Will you do as I say but only if I'm a certain race/gender/sexuality/etc?


DaisyDisaster wrote

These things aren't determined just by individuals. There are people of color out there who have internalized racism and would disagree with me, however, I'm not basing my suspicion of absolute freeze peach on what one individual says or feels, but what a group of people generally experience and feel. And yes, I have been corrected by white people speaking out against racism when I find their arguments are sound. The same for cis people and men.

You aren't as rational as you seem to believe.