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Pop wrote

Agreed but that can be very easily abused, I can change my gender every week while I'm online (it's the internet lol) and get anyone banned if he/she refers to me by last week's pronouns. Not very practical I'd say.

It's been super practical on Raddle so far, and not abused

and we have had people genuinely figuring out their gender stuff who have changed their pronouns regularly, without so much as a hint of trouble

f/trans especially is good with it, obviously

Showing a suspicion that it will be abused around trans things generally reflects dodginess from the assumer, not the other way around

and yeah you're full of red flags for dodgy beliefs, its quite interesting that you think of yourself as good at this
I hope you stick around some and figure out more


nuvpr wrote

Nice to know being against racism is a red flag and a dodgy belief. I, too, hope to stick around long enough to know how to be racist proper :)