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selver wrote

Can you make me a mod of /f/Debate? I messaged the current mod and they don't seem to be active. I want to try to get it active, do some regular weekly debates or something.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

PS Crimethinc has an RSS :) So, if you're working on it further anytime soon here are some thoughts:

If there were a way to separate the podcasts from the other material and send the podcasts to f/podcasts and the rest to a newly made f/Crimethinc via a newly-made u/crimebot that could be cool.

Usually I add the words "Anarchist News" between the words hotwire and the number.


selver wrote (edited )

Alright, I'll do that when I get the chance. Not sure if the podcasts can be separated or not. There's a separate rss for the podcasts, but on the main rss there are no categories to distinguish between podcasts and articles. I'll try to figure something out though.

And thanks for modding me at /f/debate.