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nuvpr wrote

I thought this was "Friday Free Talk"? As in talk about whatever?

Go ahead and tell me what rule I broke then ban me, please.


selver wrote (edited )

Just call them faggots and you'd both be even :)

That's insta-ban material but people seem to have decided to be a little more hands-off with new people so far.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I'd missed that. Have already asked u/ziq to deal with this turd (I've been dealing with a lot today in my afk life).

They didn't do a bad job of seeming like they were in good faith initially despite their shittiness, but that pretty quickly went out the window.


nuvpr wrote

Does it count if they're not gay though? ;)

Feel free to report me by the way, I didn't harass or attack anyone so I don't see how my comment breaks the rules. Also wouldn't that make the original comment I'm replying to "insta-ban material" as well, since it contains a slur?