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Ant wrote

Oh, and genocide of white people does exist, but not by people of colour, not since the invention of race at least

I totally missed that part of your comment the first time :/


nuvpr wrote

genocide of white people does exist, but not by people of colour

So what do you call what's been happening in south africa this year, what with the mass killing and torture of white farmers by black locals?


Tequila_Wolf moderator wrote (edited )

Since I might as well start preparing an answer in general for this, I'll respond here.

White genocide myths perpetuate as part of white supremacist narratives everywhere in the world whenever white racists feel like they're losing their advantage. This is a phenomenon worth learning about on its own, and you'll find a lot of articles on Raddle around these topics, probably in f/Africa, f/Whiteness, and maybe also f/Antifa, f/FascismRising and other places.

This was actually posted on Raddle today - an article on probably the most reputable (though liberal) newspaper in South Africa:

White genocide: How the big lie spread to the US and beyond

Aside from that, Statistics Surrounding South Africa’s Farm Murder Rate Are More Political Than Accurate

Users here have suggested you do some reading, it might be worthwhile for you to do so. There's only so much that they can say before it makes sense just for you to go to the source.

Just a heads up, you are skirting the ToS and exhibiting troll-like behaviour, so consider this a warning. "Free Talk" doesn't mean free to break the w/Terms_Of_Service.