I did it. I trolled the American patriots on their own holiday.

Submitted by sudo in lobby

I work in a place where I am usually the only employee there. There is always background music playing, and we change the music whenever there's a holiday. Since I was scheduled to work on July 4th (everyone but me wanted to celebrate the holiday), I got to choose the music.

Obviously I wasn't going to play American music, because fuck that noise. But instead of playing the normal music, I played instrumental versions of marches from various socialist countries, thinking that the average American patriot wouldn't recognize them. And I was right. A few hundred people came in; a lot of them wearing clothes with the American rag on them. Not one of them seemed to recognize the songs as socialist. Little did they know that what they thought were lesser-known marches of Sousa's were actually songs about workers overthrowing capitalism.

Here's the list of songs I played:

  • The March of the 26th of July

  • La Bayamesa (Cuban National Anthem)

  • A Las Barricadas

  • Hijos del Pueblo

  • Tien Quan Ca (Vietnamese National Anthem)

  • March of the Guerrilla Army

  • Aegukka (DPRK National Anthem)

  • White Army, Black Baron

  • Katyusha

  • Let's Go

  • State Anthem of the Soviet Union (yes, they didn't even recognize this one)

  • The Internationale

Fuck the 4th of July. Fuck the United States. Fuck capitalism. Long live socialism!


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tlckl wrote

Aegukka (DPRK National Anthem)

How's that socialist lol


sudo wrote

It was the national anthem at the time of the Korean war, so that's why I used it. I don't know how socialist they are now, because any western journalism on the DPRK is unreliable.