Submitted by NEOalquimista in lobby

I'll have to stay away from not just Raddle, but I'll be doing a complete digital suicide as I have reached a point of extreme exhaustion and sadness with so much ANGER over everything that's happening. I can't think clearly anymore, and I'm going crazy. I need to pull the plug and be with nature, do stuff outside before I can return to my digital life.

Thanks everyone for this community, and hope we can meet again.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Good luck over there! <3

It's been nice having you around.


leftous wrote (edited )

I sometimes unplug for a few months at a time too. Self-care is very important so I'm glad you're doing that for yourself. We need our allies healthy.

I have to say I'll miss seeing some of your picture posts. I use several for my desktop backgrounds :] So thank you for those. I really hope you decide to stop by again someday and share some of the beauty you come across. Good luck.