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jadedctrl wrote

So, here's my world-view right now:

people aren't "born gay, bi, straight, or pan", but are born with a stronger predisposition or inclination toward a certain point on the spectrum (hormone levels in the womb causing this). Sexuality is fluid, but that inclination can be pretty strong for people-- for social and physiological reasons.

It's some weird mixture of a couple different hypotheses on causes of queer sexuality, but it makes sense to me.


zzuum wrote

I think the study method is suspect. Just looking at whether or not eyes dilate seems susceptible to error--couldn't many things that surprise you make your pupils dilate?

Not that I disagree with the findings, though that could be the issue--presupposing the results.


DissidentRage wrote

Right. Feeling nauseated by the prospect of having sex with another man is entirely built out of social anxiety, based on something as minimal as eye dilation.