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drh1138 wrote

lol, that edgelord scum isn't worth the trouble and drama.


LucyParsonsRocks OP wrote

Um, ok brand new account who hates defasher but definately isn't one of the tantrumin tanks.


drh1138 wrote (edited )

My personal dislike of our friend defasher/KropotkinZombie/nowaydaddioh/eeplox/whatever-other-alts is because they (and the now-ex-LWSE clique which ruled r/anarchism and /met@ at the time) engineered my unjust banning from r/anarchism through deception and trickery, and because they're edgy drama mills that bring controversy with them wherever they go.

But don't worry, our friend is pathologically unable to walk away from the self-manufactured controversy. They'll be back with a new name, but the same old M.O., posting habits, and behavior. The trolling and bullying will continue.

For the time, though, defasher and emma fucking off actually makes this place not terribly unattractive.


zod wrote (edited )

aren't you the guy who went into a thread where a black user was voicing their concerns about anarchists using the word 'spook'... and you responded by calling them a spook, and then you repeatedly yelled it at the black mod who told you to stop... until they banned you? Cry me a river.


drh1138 wrote

No, I did not call them a spook. As is often the case what you've heard is the story modified by particular individuals for ideological reasons, and then endlessly repeated and propagandized until it becomes the dominant version of events remembered.


leftous wrote mod 2 subreddits dedicated to following Defasher? lmao


drh1138 wrote

I had one (two others inactive) which was dedicated to openly exposing eeplox's bullshit out in the open, over their many alts. It was banned for "targeted harassment".