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jivan48 wrote

It is but would counter that by saying is he the only one. AFAIK all technology companies, even Boeing and American airline companies gets tons of subsidies. So does the average American farmer.


Pop wrote


I don't think that's a counter except more support

for the point that capitalists, even the ubercapitalists, get massive state support, and are not some all-powerful entity of capital that may so easily do away with state funding


ntm wrote

I see this often used within libertarian/capitalist circles to bash Elon Musk, but I also get the feel that it's just a proxy for the liberal purported environmentalism that he appeals to.

Anti-environment libertarians attack Elon Musk for not being a Howard Roark, while turning a blind eye to subsidies (either direct or legislative via lobbying) and government benefits that other billionaires get (probably because they have a steady diet of Koch propaganda).