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Submitted by TimmyCatChores in lobby

I run a few pages and groups on Facebook. FB is annoying in many ways, so I'm happy to find a strictly activist-focused site.

I'm impressed by what I see so far. Thank you for setting this up.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Hey, and welcome.

Feel free to have a look around and browse the intro wikis if you haven't yet - there are a few useful features, like our onion site.

FYI Raddle's usually relatively quiet on the weekends - you'll see it pick up steam while everybody's at work :)

Any questions are welcome.


felt wrote

Hi 👋🏼 This is also my first post after lurking the last few months.


buzz wrote

your username is v. aesthetic ! good job


felt wrote

I appreciate this. Thank you!


TimmyCatChores OP wrote

Thanks all.

Where's the like button? :p


not_AFX_lol wrote

No like button, just updoots (the little up arrow next to your post).


Pop wrote



Dumai wrote

helscome our wedsite


zod wrote

Hi, bring those facebookers over here!


braketheboxes wrote

+1 from me too. It is a breath of fresh air and the onion support is the icing on the cake.


TimmyCatChores OP wrote

Still trying to figure out the site.

So far I'm subscribed to one forum, and I'd like to make a post to it, but I can't see how. I did check the wikis briefly for that.

The forum is 'whiteness'.

Should I see a 'submit' button?

Is there a wait period, or am I missing something?


BlackFlagged wrote

Are you on mobile?

Click the button in the upper right corner and then click Submit.


TimmyCatChores OP wrote

I'm on a desktop. I see that I can comment, but can't see where to start a thread.

I'm going to assume it's part of the 24 hour wait thing (???)


TimmyCatChores OP wrote

I figured it out.

At first I was looking in the forum itself for the submit button.

It looks like there is one submit button on the main page for everything.

gonna be part of the instructions for FB users.


________deleted wrote (edited )

If you're on a forum and click submit, it fills in the forum field for you. The button is in the menu at the top of every page.


TimmyCatChores OP wrote

For me, some forums don't have the submit button on top. The Anarchism, memes and Empire have it, but 'whiteness' and some other ones don't.

That could be because I'm on a fairly old mac, and need to use an old version Tor browser to access the site.


leftous wrote (edited )

It may also be due to the theme/stylesheet that specific forum is using.

What you can do to make your browsing experience more consistent is go into your User Settings, under Appearance you can pick a theme you like and turn off custom stylesheets. I personally find the material themes to be the most pleasant.