[NSFW] I have an idea for a website; what do you think of it?

Submitted by sudo in lobby

This involves porn, so turn back now if you can't read about that at the moment. Also, possible trigger warning for discussion of rape in the next paragraph (this is only in describing the problems I have with other websites).

So, I like ecchi, which is porn drawn in an anime/manga style. There are a bunch of imageboards for this type of porn, but the problem with them is that most of the people there are really fucking sexist. It wouldn't be that much of a problem if this only showed in the comments, because they can be blocked, but their sexism also shows in the type of content that they upload. Some of it is uses sexist slurs, some of it borders on (drawn) child pornography, some of it shows the pictured characters in degrading situations, some of it shows sex where one person is clearly not enjoying it, and some of it just shows sexual assault. I was getting tired of filtering through pages of muck to find what I want, and then getting outraged and cursing half the people there to eternity in the gulag. Then I had an idea.

What if there was an imageboard that only allowed pictures where consent is clearly demonstrated? And what if that imageboard banned anyone who posted anything bigoted? For me, this would be ideal, but I don't know of any websites out there that event attempt to do this, much less that have strict enough policies to succeed. But, I do have the skills necessary to create one. I've been thinking it over for the past month or so, and I'd like to make such a website, but I don't want it to go unused. So, would you be interested in a website like this, or do you think there are enough people who are interested to make it worthwhile?


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emma wrote (edited )



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tlckl wrote

whatever the latter means

It does exist, particularly when there is no capital incentive (e.g. actual amateur porn) involved. It's really hard/almost impossible to find though without going through exploitative types, which truly is a pity.


sudo wrote

I just wanted to do it so that people don't have to filter through disturbing content to find what they're looking for; obviously this isn't going to do anything for feminism. But I think it wouldn't be that difficult to distinguish between consensual and non-consensual. If the character in the image looks happy, then it's fine, but if they look worried or nervous, or anything worse than that, then it isn't. If it's unclear, then it could be up to the moderator's judgement.