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Whatsthepoint wrote

It's salami tactics, this should be genuinely troubling.


red_pepper wrote

I tend to agree. Between Angela Nagle getting too close to her subject matter and Chelsea Manning partying with fascists, this isn't just about brocialists.


Defasher wrote

What are salami tactics?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I was intrigued so I looked it up: from Wikipedia

"Salami tactics, also known as the salami-slice strategy, is a divide and conquer process of threats and alliances used to overcome opposition. With it, an aggressor can influence and eventually dominate a landscape, typically political, piece by piece. In this fashion, the opposition is eliminated "slice by slice" until one realizes (too late) that it is gone in its entirety."

I'm going to guess that many of us on this site already consider brocialists to be sliced salami.

And many also aren't interested in having salami unity.